Alluring Landscapes is Dedicated to Beautifying Your Landscape

Alluring Landscapes was founded by owner Jerry Buckner over ten years ago as Jerry followed his dreams and committed to providing hassle-free landscaping and outdoor maintenance services for the businesses and residents of Roanoke and surrounding areas. Jerry has always been an avid outdoorsman who feels most at home outdoors and has a deep understanding of outdoor aesthetics and how to transform an unkempt environment into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. At Alluring Landscapes, we are dedicated to beautifying your landscape by providing professional quality landscaping services at an affordable price.

Professional Quality Landscaping at an Affordable Price

Alluring Landscapes has served the Roanoke, VA area for over 10 years Alluring Landscapes offers professional landscaping at an affordable price in Roanoke, VA Alluring Landscapes offers landscaping, masonry, and construcion services in Roanoke, VA

Free Up Personal Time With Expert Landscape Design & Maintenance

Jerry and partner Jesse Yates are expert landscapers with extensive experience designing,creating, and maintaining cultivated outdoor environments. Born and raised in the local area, Jerry and Jesse take pride in contributing to the beauty of the communities served by Alluring Landscapes and assisting families and busy professionals by freeing up personal time that would otherwise by consumed by the tedium of outdoor chores.

Decks, Lighting, Walls, Firepits, Sidewalks, Water Features & Drainage

The employees of Alluring Landscapes have decades of experience and skills within the fields of landscaping, masonry, and construction fields and offer a variety of services beyond basic landscaping to improve your outdoor environment:
  • Pressure Washing
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Water Features

Additional Landscaping & Exterior Maintenance Services

Many of our employees have extensive skills and experience performing quality renovations and repair work. We can assist you with correcting many exterior maintenance issues related to the integrity of your landscaping, as well.
We are committed to beautifying your environment by implementing common sense measures to protect your property, as well as the environment. If you are facing a pest infestation such as moles, fire ants, or other biting or plant-consuming pests that are damaging your landscape or your enjoyment of your property, contact us immediately. Alluring Landscapes utilizes the least toxic and invasive, yet effective, methods to eradicate your pest problem efficiently and with minimal disturbance to your life.
We are here to provide you with a beautiful and functional outdoor environment that will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment. Contact the friendly professional staff of Alluring Landscapes with your questions or to schedule a service at:
1-844-4ALLURE [Toll-Free: 1‑844‑425‑5873].